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Deep Linking

You can also directly access albums in OrielPro via URL. To do this, you must first activate the Deep Linking option in the module settings:

Oriel Pro Deep Linking Option

But now you have to know what the FolderKey is. Basically the FolderKey is the folder name without special characters. So "my_folder" becomes the FolderKey #my_folder and "My other folder" becomes #myotherfolder. But if you are not sure you can activate the debug mode, in the filter overview the FolderKey's are displayed directly next to the filter label:

Oriel Pro Deep Linking Debug

In the debug information you will also find the FolderKey:

'relname' => '/images/demoImages/my_folder',
'folderId' => 'my_folder',
'folder-id' => 'my_folder_5',
'key' => 'my_folder',
'label' => 'my folder',

And now you can use it like this: http://www.domain.tld/#my_folder to jump directly to the my folder album on page-load.