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Language Translation Integration

In OrielPro you can easily set the labels of folders & images using the Joomla! language overrides.

However, it is important to understand how it works, here is a short explanation. In OrielPro you can use language overrides and our Custom Rules (Advanced Prettyfier) in combination, which opens up great possibilities but can sometimes get a bit complicated.

Folder NameCustom RuleString after PrettyfierLanguage Key
my_First_FolderReplace "_" with " "my First FolderMY FIRST FOLDER

In fact the sequence is "Prettyfier rules" before language overrides, if the string (image filename or folder name) is adjusted by the Prettyfier this must be considered in the Language Key.

By using the Language Overrides you can name your albums based on the user language (DE: Autos, FR: voitures, EN: cars, ...). But please note that this does not change the order of the albums / pictures

Learn How to use the Language Overrides

Learn how to use language overwrites in this official Joomla! help article: